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Carrots are in the shops all year round. You can choose washed carrots that have been cleaned and trimmed, or young carrots that are mostly on offer in early summer, and come in bunches with their greens intact. The latter are best kept in the fridge for up to 10 days, while washed carrots can be stored for up to four weeks when stored and cooled properly.

Carrots will make a great addition to virtually any dish. They taste just as good in soups as they do as a fresh ingredient in salads. We often see carrots as a splash of colour in garnishes for main dishes as well.

Connoisseur Tip:

Carrots are a particular favourite of any chef: Simply boil them whole, sliced or diced in salt water. A quick poke with the knife will tell you if it is cooked through – if it slides right off the blade it is cooked to perfection.

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